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MRN Special Programs & Cost-Savings Initiatives

Special Programs & Cost-Savings Options for MedResults Network Members

Ensure the survival of your business by exploring new ways to reduce costs and gain access to the critical resources you need

We understand that most states have postponed elective treatments & procedures for a period of time. Regardless of whether your practice has re-opened or has plans to re-open, we encourage you to explore your cost-savings or financial options below.

Face Masks & Hand Sanitizer

30-Day Reusable Face Masks & Hand Sanitizer

Access masks and hand sanitizers through MedResults partners, Boomer Naturals, a USA-based company. Their reusable, fabric masks can be worn for 30-days, washed with soap and water and are treated to be anti-bacterial and anti-viral with a 92.2% rating against air particulates. Boomer Naturals’ hand sanitizer and face masks are being used inside hospitals by nurses, doctors, and patients.

The reusable fabric masks are effective, economical and better for the environment. Visit the Boomer site for a range of options on masks for adults and children.

Use Code MED20 for 20% off orders below $2,000 or code MED50 for 50% off of orders of $2,000 or more!  KN95 Masks and 3-ply paper masks are available as well (contact us directly for these).

Medical/Surgical Supplies for Surgeons with ORs

Reduce Your Supply Expenses

MedResults’ partnership with Cardinal Health provides plastic surgeons with on-site Accredited Operating Rooms (ORs) access to our ASC pricing structure, which affords members the best pricing in the nation on medical & surgical supplies, custom packs and Rx. For a solo plastic surgeon doing 250+ cases per year in their OR, supply spend can be as high as $150,000 per year. Our program is consistently showing 20% to 30% reduction in spend in this area, which could equate to $30,000 to $50,000 per year – or $2,500 to $4,200 per month in savings. Get a complimentary cost-analysis now to determine how much you can reduce your costs to get your business back on track.

Hospital-Grade Disinfectants

Successfully Disinfect Against COVID-19

As effective disinfectants are quickly becoming scarce in the medical field, we’re continuously searching for new options for our members who remain in business. If you are experiencing issues accessing disinfectants and disinfectant supplies to prevent the spread of COVID-19, check out the Rejuvenate line of disinfectants through our partner at Universal Companies. Members receive access to a discount off all supply purchases.

Medical Supplies for Physician Offices

Reduce Your Supply Expenses

Through MedResults’ partnership with manufacturer/distributor, Medline, you’ll receive the best pricing in the nation on office-based medical products through Medline. For a Dermatologist or Medical Spa, supply spend can be as high as $50,000 per year (per Dermatologist) or $6,000 (for an average Medical Spa). Our program is consistently showing 20% to 30% reduction in spend in this area, which could equate to savings up to $15,000 per year for a Dermatologist or $1,800 per year for the average Medical Spa. Get a complimentary cost-analysis now to determine how much you can reduce your costs to get your business back on track.

Home Office Equipment & Supplies

Save on Everything You'll Need to Work from Home

Staples makes it easy to access furniture and supply solutions to keep your employees productive no matter where they are. Through our Staples Business Advantage Program, Members have access to 2-5 day shipping on  remote working furniture and overnight shipping on supplies (some items may be delayed slightly). Furthermore, Members who are enrolled in the program will access additional savings on every purchase.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

Through our partners at SBA Loan Group, MRN Members will have access to move through the SBA application process quicker, and with the support of one of the largest SBA loan packagers in the US. By registering today, SBA Loan Group will send you an application to apply for the PPP and will continue to provide you with the most current information as the Program details are finalized. MedResults will not ask for any of your personal information, nor will SBA Loan Group share your application with MedResults at any time. If you have not yet applied for financial assistance, SBA Loan group will guide you through the process. Click below to fill out our partner’s short intake form to get the process started!

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