MedResults Partners with Small Business Lender, Kabbage

MedResults members can now easily apply for and access a Kabbage line of credit up to $150,000 to manage their businesses.

This week, MedResults Network formed a new partnership with Kabbage, a nationwide leader in small business funding. Through the new relationship with Kabbage, our 3,000 aesthetic members now have a radically uncomplicated way to access working capital to support, grow and protect their businesses.

After more than nine years of serving aesthetic providers nationwide, we discovered that one of the primary barriers to growth within the industry was the lack of resources and overall capital available to smaller aesthetic practices. As we’re in the business of saving our members time and money, finding a partner who could provide our members fast and simple access to additional capital became critical. Now, through the Kabbage partnership, MedResults members can work smarter to financially support and grow all aspects of their business.

So, why Kabbage?

When we started doing our homework to find the best funding solution for our members, their feedback indicated that most traditional sources of capital presented many problems, including a tedious application process, only took credit scores into account, limited the use of funds, and had inflexible payment terms. After months of due-diligence, we chose Kabbage because they excelled where traditional financing companies could not

So, what’s the benefit to members?

  • Members apply online. Members can complete the application in minutes and know right away how much funding they can access.
  • No obligation. It’s free for members to apply, and there’s no cost until they use their funds.
  • Flexible funds. Kabbage offers ongoing lines of credit up to $150,000. Members withdraw the increment they need, when they need it, without reapplying.
  • Trusted and secure. Kabbage has provided over $5 billion in funding to 165,000+ small businesses. Kabbage is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and certified for customer privacy.

For more information about Kabbage or to apply today, visit