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BIOCORNEUM® is the only advanced scar treatment with FDA-Cleared Silishield™ patented crosslinking medical grade silicone and SPF 30 to prevent and minimize the formation of hypertrophic scars, decrease the appearance of old scars, protect scars from sun exposure’s darkening effects and dry quickly to adhere to skin for 12 to 24 hours.
 BIOCORNEUM can be used on scars resulting from surgical and cosmetic procedures, trauma, wounds and burns, and it can be effective on old or new scars.

Silishield™ Patented Crosslinking Silicone
FDA-Cleared Silishield Technology advances the benefits of traditional silicone sheeting through the comfort and ease of a gel. Patented crosslinking silicone creates an invisible shield that feels like a second skin and helps reduce the appearance of scars. It can reduce redness and discoloration, soften and flatten new and older hypertrophic and keloid scars resulting from surgical procedures, injuries and burns.

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IMPORTANT: BIOCORNEUM is for external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes, mucous membranes, third degree burns, and open wounds. BIOCORNEUM should not be used on damaged or broken skin. This product has not been shown to help prevent skin cancer or early skin aging.

BIOCORNEUM® and Silishield™ are trademarks of Sientra, Inc.

May be covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: #5,741,509; #8,021,683; #8,802,133; #9,336,546; #9,795,706

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