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The health and safety of our 3,200+ members, your staff, your patients and your families is of the utmost importance to us at MedResults. To ensure that you have access to the most current resources, we’ve compiled news features, education, and feedback from members and partners so that you can continue to treat patients safely.  We hope that we can not only assist you in taking the most effective measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, but to continue to do what you do best, now and into the distant future.


Health Bulletins & Live Updates

Access live updates from the CDC, WHO, and other worldwide organizations as COVID-19 continues to change. Here, we’ve provided you with access to LIVE case data, information for your patients and most importantly, all the details you need to continue to operate safely in your medical practice.

Special Programs and Cost-Saving Options for Members

Access Masks, Disinfectants and Financing or Cost-Savings to Help Offset Business Expenses

Finding resources and cutting costs have never been more important to businesses. Whether you need PPE supplies, access to capital, or want to find instant ways to reduce costs, we may have options through our MRN Special Programs.

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COVID-19 Education for Healthcare Professionals

Members now have access to educational webinars and programs (for patients & providers) from the CDC and MRN Vendor partners who are taking a proactive approach to the prevention of COVID-19!


Guidance on Medical Resources

How to Plan for Equipment and Supply Shortages

As practices are struggling to treat patients amidst worldwide supply shortages, we’ve provided some of the best supply resources in the industry so that you can plan ahead.


Guidance on Business Operations

How to Plan for Business Longevity in Lieu of Closures and Cancellations

In light of employee leave, cancellations, and closures, every practice should have a financial plan. Read these education resources to help you plan ahead during the COVID pandemic.


Business Practice Tips

Information and Feedback from Members and Vendors

With over 3,000 medical practice members in a temporary crisis, we’ve received dozens of calls and communications where members have shared how they’re dealing with disease prevention in their practices. From creating a “Parking Lot” Waiting Room policy to allowing only one person to accompany patients into an appointment, we’ve included everything we’ve learned for you to incorporate into your daily business routines.


Clinical Practice Tips

Information from The World Health Organization and CDC

As the best resources for basic infection prevention information, you can now access the best tips Center for Disease Control and the world Health Organization to keep your patients and staff safe. In addition to basic recommendations, we’ve also included the CDC’s clinical interim infection prevention recommendations for patients with suspected or confirmed novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

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