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Belotero Webinar


Maximize Your Membership: Injection Techniques with Belotero

Friday, November 21st @ 11:00AM PST / 2:00PM EST

Webinar Review: Members joined us for our exclusive MedResults Network webinar on Friday, November 21st @ 11:00AM PST / 2:00PM EST.

Merz offered an exclusive two part education and injector training program for MedResults Network members. This was a FREE injector training course for all MedResults Network members.

To qualify, members were required to attend the MedResults Network medical webinar that featured the presentation given by Dr. Butterwick, an expert in the use of Belotero Balance. This presentation received excellent reviews at the recent MedResults Network conference in Las Vegas.

The thirty (30) minute webinar discussed the important advantages of using Belotero Balance which is an advanced filler that treats moderate to severe etched in facial lines with a special advanced soft cohesive gel that can quickly and naturally integrate with the skin. Scientifically advanced products require scientifically advanced injection techniques.

MedResults Network members, who participated in the medical webinar, were also eligible to schedule their FREE hands- on injector training with a Belotero Balance nurse injector. In addition, MedResults Network sent attendees a $25 VISA card to thank you for their participation!

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