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MedResults is a free network that offers you discounts, rebates, and benefits on the products and services that you use daily in your aesthetic practice!

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With over 20 years of combined experience in the aesthetic industry, the MedResults Network team will help you achieve your aesthetic business goals through their range of cost-saving benefits. Team MRN works diligently to connect their members with honest and reliable vendor partners and continues to provide personal assistance to their members to ensure their growth and success!

Jim Parrott

Jim is a pioneer in the Medical Spa industry with over 20 years of healthcare experience. He Co-founded MedResults Network in 2008.

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Jamie Parrott

Jamie is the President of MedResults Network and guides the growth and development of MedResults and MRN+.

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Hillary Anderson

Hillary has been a member of Team MRN since 2012 and acts as the direct connection between members and vendor partners.

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The latest industry news and developments

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What Members say About MedResults Network

  • terry

    We have been working with the team at MedResults Network since before we started our medical spa over four years ago. It has been extremely helpful to have a group of knowledgeable professionals available to help us grow our business in the most effective and efficient manner possible. The consistent advice and assistance in hiring our staff has been particularly valuable for us. Furthermore, the variety of great discounts available through the buying group has helped us increase profit margins and has given us significant advantage over our local competition!

  • allure-300x300

    I joined MedResults in 2012 shortly after opening my business. MedResults has been instrumental in helping me choose the best vendors to work with and saved me thousands of dollars in discounts. They have helped me be more competitive and profitable. Thank you MedResults Network!